“Brenda’s Buddy Bench”

Last summer, the Crissey Elementary School Buddy Bench was installed on the school's playground. Our new bench replaced the previous bench that was created in memory of Brenda Mills. Brenda Mills was a beloved Crissey lunch and recess monitor for many years.

The purpose of a “buddy bench” is a way to eliminate isolation and to get kids to connect with one another during recess. A student will sit on the bench if he/she is feeling lonely or needs someone to play with. When a student sees someone sitting alone on the bench, they can go to the bench to talk to them or ask them to play. We are happy to be able to combine a bench to honor a former leader at Crissey with a bench to help our little learners today.

Thank you to the Crissey Parents’ Club for purchasing our new “Brenda’s Buddy Bench.”